Laser 101 Lessons
New to laser cutting? Start with Laser 101. These free, fully illustrated, step-by-step, lessons take you from beginner engraver to a confident laser cutting expert with an array of easy to master techniques. Each lesson allows you to learn at your own pace and includes any design file the lesson requires.


Beginner Laser Lessons

Learn the basics; Rasterize images and engrave them, cut using vector lines, mark using vector graphics.
Complete this course by finishing lesson #3 by combining these steps to create a Jigsaw Puzzle.


Intermediate Laser Lessons

Learn new techniques: Experiment with rastering techniques to create photo-realistic engravings using JPEG image. 
Understand 3D stacking and kerf bending. Use alignment to add personalized images.


Advanced Laser Lessons

Learn by making. Students now have the freedom to pick any project and can understand the terminology and techniques required to
complete them.