RetinaEngrave v3.0

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RetinaEngrave v3.0 Direct Print Drivers

Print driver capabilities are built in to units containing RE 3.0. Windows users can add the printer directly as a device over the network.

Windows Direct Print Instructions


 macOS users will need to install an additional service to enable direct print:

 Download RE3 FSL Print Driver for macOS




Legacy RetinaEngrave (RE v1.0)

Optimizing the utilization of your Full Spectrum Laser Hobby and Pro Laser Systems.


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RetinaEngrave™ is software 100% written by Full Spectrum Laser that combines both raster and vector jobs into one print job. It is also the best non-OEM laser controller and software available on the market today.

One click easy output for both vector cutting and raster engraving. Download Now!


Note: RE V1.0 is not compatible with Muse units or Pro units sold 2019 or later. Compatible systems sold 2010-2018 will include a blue 2-line LCD panel.

Legacy Download (4th GEN LASERS)


System Requirements

  • Windows Vista and Higher
  • Minimum 2GB Ram
  • Dual Core Processor


Powerful halftone dithering for images. Transform your photos into an engrave ready format automatically.



Drag timeline control to preview start points of each figure and time spent on each object.




Simulate vector lines at half speed, full speed, or 4x speed.



Mirror, rotate, scale, translate, and invert. Change vector direction and entry point for each object.

We're always working to improve our software.
To take advantage of all the latest improvements and capabilities, make sure you have the latest version of RetinaEngrave™.
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RetinaEngrave v2.0
Quick Reference Guide

New software can sometimes be a bit much to learn...
so we try to make it as easy as possible.