RetinaCreate 3D

Advanced Software for 3D Printers - Included free with all FSL3D Printers.

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RetinaCreate™ is ideal for beginners and 3D Printing experts alike, with a best in class automatic tree support algorithm to get you printing fast. For the pros, RetinaCreate™ has advanced user-editable settings and the ability to manually support your model. Innovative tree supports use a single trunk to save up to 80% support material.

Position, orient, hollow, and support multiple models automatically.

Free to download and use with any FSL3D 3D Printer. Try it now.


System Requirements
  • Windows Vista and Higher
  • Max OS X 10.9 and Higher
  • Minimum 2GB Ram

Optimal Rotation

RetinaCreate™ automatically finds the optimal orientation to print each model for highest accuracy and reliability.



True Untethered Printing

Transfer jobs to your FSL3D 3D printer in seconds. Calculations performed on printer while printing. Load jobs over USB, Ethernet, or WiFi.


Shell Model

With a single click, RetinaCreate™ will hollow out models to save you time and materials. Hollowed models are automatically filled with the necessary support materals to ensure success.


Tree Supports

RetinaCreate™ tree support system fully supports your models with minimal wasted materials, saving up to 80% over competitor’s software. It also enables you to manually add, remove, and drag supports as well.

We're always working to improve our software.
To take advantage of all the latest improvements and capabilities, make sure you have the latest version of RetinaEngrave™. 
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