So you've made it through all the lessons OR you're a seasoned vet who's looking for a fun project to complete... Either way we've got what you need!  Please enjoy all of these free laser project files and useful instructions!  We can't wait to see how you personalize them! 

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Learning Projects; Laser 101

New to laser cutting? Start with Laser 101. These free, fully illustrated, step-by-step, lessons take you from beginner engraver to a confident laser cutting expert with an array of easy to master techniques. Each lesson allows you to learn at your own pace and includes any design file the lesson requires.

Laser 101 Lessons

FREE Weekly Projects

Feeling confident in your laser cutting skills? Ready for something new to make? Explore our library of free laser cutting and engraving projects. We include detailed instructions and all the files you need to complete the project. All projects are conceived and created by Full Spectrum Laser and free to Full Spectrum Laser clients.

Free Projects
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Featured Projects

Never run out of things to do with your laser cutter. Our Free Laser Project Library offers a variety of fascinating projects for all skill levels. Constantly updated with new designs, our catalogue grows every week with new laser cutting and engraving ideas. Submit your own laser cutting projects for a chance to win a Full Spectrum Laser gift card. Come see what’s new to do with your laser cutter today!


Enter to win a million bucks!  Just Kidding!!!  We do give away monthly prizes though!!!  Let's see what you are making!

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